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16 May 2006 @ 03:53 pm
All-Star Batman & Robin #6 - Jim Lee's take  
Wizard #176 has an interesting short article where Jim Lee talks about how Frank Miller will be handling the JLA in the 6th issue of All-Star Batman & Robin.

Sin City might have a much bigger hand in this reincarnation of JLA than one will suspect. Ah, well.

There're some interesting stuff inside this issue of wizard as well, namely the Batman #655 and Superman #654 previews. Another 2 Batmans, one Joker + crowbar story. I'm left wondering if a certain member of the Bat-family is back to his spandex-stealing ways again XD;;

On an aside note, I've listed a whole bunch of Japan-made Batman figurines on Ebay, all items ending today. If you guys can spare a look, I'd appreciate it.

As a bonus for members of this comm, if you bid and win any item, I'll give you 10% off. Win more than 3 and I'll give you 20% off instead. I need the space :D;; Just email me after the auctions with your LJ username and I'll give you the discount.